Zanu PF threatens elections even earlier than June


    Mugabe has said elections should be held by June, but Justice Minister Patrick Chinamasa says they could be brought forward – and it’s all the fault of the MDC. This threat will terrify many Zimbabweans.

    They say that consultation is required under the shaky coalition agreement.

    The president of the upper house, Edna Madzongwe, had to adjourn senate business until February because of the protest.

    Chinamasa, who is an ally of Mugabe, says that the MDC has made parliament dysfunctional. He says important bills won’t be passed through parliament, including this month’s budget, and he complains that Zimbabwe won’t be able to function without a parliament.

    Many here are still haunted by the violent and disputed presidential elections held two years ago.

    By raising the spectre of an early election, analysts suggest Chinamasa hopes to exploit the residual fear in the hearts of many Zimbabweans.