Tsvangirai blasts corrupt Chombo


    Tsvangirai was addressing party supporters at Lobengula Hall in Bulawayo on Sunday.

    In an apparent reference to Local government minister Ignatius Chombo’s alleged vast property portfolio, Tsvangirai said he was dismayed when he recently read news of the senior Zanu PF official’s wealth.

    “He has 15 cars. What does he want to do with all those cars? It is like a baboon that goes into a field and takes a maize cob and puts it under one armpit and then the other side.

    “As it is walking it is attracted to another cob and breaks it again leading to many cobs collecting on the ground. That is primitive accumulation of wealth and it’s a shame,” Tsvangirai said.

    Chimbo’s supposed wealth came to light as his acrimonious divorce from wife, Marian was referred to the courts after the parties failed to reach a deal on sharing the properties.

    Marian claimed the couple owned several residential stands and houses across the country, scores of vehicles, farms as well as other commercial properties.

    However Chombo said his estranged wife had overstated their supposed wealth.

    Meanwhile Tsvangirai appeared to rule out the possibility pre-electoral pact with other opposition parties ahead of elections expected to be held next year.

    “The other parties that want to remove (President Robert) Mugabe from power should join us. How could we share an animal before it is killed? Let us hunt for it and then we will share the meat after it has been killed,” said Tsvangirai.

    “You will hear someone coming eight days before the election saying he is interested in being a President yet he does not even have Members of Parliament to start with,” he said.

    Analysts have said the failure by parties to work as a united front has divided the opposition vote to the advantage of President Mugabe’s Zanu PF party in previous elections.