Makoni’s party hits back at MDC-T


    In a statement issued to the media Dr Makoni’s party said, "We would like to correct malicious statement made by MDC information and Publicity regarding statement made by our interim President Simba Makoni at the Gweru Press Club.

    "In their article, they claimed that MKD is a one man-person political outfit. It is very unfortunate that MDC is still stuck in the past and are forgetting that Mavambo.Kusile.Dawn was transformed from a project to a fully fledged party on the 1st of July 2009. It is not surprising that the MDC has decided to use this kind of cheap politics to denounce MKD because they know that their support base is dwindling by each sunrise. They are seriously intoxicated with power and think that they are immune to any form of criticism."

    "To make the record straight, Dr Makoni said most of the outstanding issues in the GPA were centred on power and control and not improving the lives of the people. In that regard, Dr Makoni did not say that all outstanding issues must not be fully addressed, but he said the issues had nothing to do with improving the lives of the ordinary Zimbabweans."

    "In light of that, MKD was going to be happy if the MDC was pushing for a specific policy which is aimed at improving the lives of the electorate as opposed to party centred issues such as ensuring that jobs are created for their loyal minority boys."

    "On the issue of POSA and AIPPA, MDC’s immediate priority, if elected in government was to repeal all repressive legislation such as POSA, but to my surprise it’s now two years since the signing of the Global Political Agreement (GPA) and such draconian laws are still haunting even those who voted them into power."

    "We don’t know whether the MDC is serious about these issues or have some unknown hidden party agenda. MKD and other progressive forces feel that legislation such as POSA and AIPPA must be repealed as a matter of urgency."

    "On the issue of being a spoiler, Dr Makoni did not spoil the 2008 Presidential race as claimed by MDC. Those who have sharp memories remember that when Dr Makoni announced that he was going to join the 2008 harmonized election on February 5, 2008, many people came out to register because they had faith in him. So the misconception that he came as a spoiler is a pure indication of MDC’s political immaturity, and there is no basis that the 8% which Dr Makoni got was going to be in their favour.

    "It is such a political myopia that has seen the MDC make such utterances when in actual fact they have failed to dwell on core issues of governance as they promised in their political manifesto. In that short space of time, Dr Makoni strategically manoeuvred in the political arena and managed to get a significant share of the electorate, a clear sign that he has the ability to deliver and get this country working again."

    "It’s quite a shame that a party like MDC thinks a political intellectual like Dr Makoni can follow misconstrued political blueprint drawn by incompetent MDC party legislators to the summit of his political career."

    The statement was issued by Silver Bhebe who claims to be the party’s Secretary for Communication, a position many remembers has been held by Denford Magora.