"Call for elections immediately" – Makoni throws gauntlet


    Speaking to journalists after addressing a rally in Warren Park Harare on Saturday, Makoni said Zimbabwe needed to hold general elections immediately to save it from the jaws of power hungry leaders.

    "The country needs elections like yesterday because this inclusive government, a child born out of rape, is not working for the people at all. We need people to establish a responsible, accountable and responsive leadership out of free and fair elections. The one single thing that Mugabe, Tsvangirai and Mutambara can do is to make this country ready for elections," Makoni said.

    Makoni acknowledged the current environment was not conducive for free and fair elections, but said the country needed to be prepared for the plebiscite through a credible law and a transparent electoral body well resourced.

    He however warned: "Mugabe will not create a condition for and free elections in Zimbabwe. Free and fair elections will not work to his favour nor will Morgan Tsvangirai. It is up to us Zimbabweans not to be forced to participate in elections that won’t reflect our will," Makoni said.

    On Friday, MDC-Mutambara chief negotiator in the GPA, Professor Welshman Ncube said it is not in the national interest to rush into an election when the constitution making exercise was yet to be completed.

    "None of the macho people who are constantly threatening us with this election are assured of nor guaranteed of a victory. No one can definitely predict the outcome of the election under our usual laws. We know that no one wants this election and is ready for it but we are constantly daring each other."

    Zimbabweans are sceptical about holding polls next year hardly three years after the bloody June 27 elections which claimed hundreds of innocent lives. – The Zimbabwean