Simba Makoni, a one day wonder – MDC

Makoni was recently quoted telling pliant state journalists at the Gweru Press Club that the MDC was not improving the lives of the people as the party was only focusing on the full implementation of the GPA.

He further erroneously claimed that since formation of the inclusive government in 2008, the MDC was no longer fighting for the repeal of the repressive Public Order and Security Act, (POSA) and Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (AIPPA). For the record and for Makoni’s benefit, by calling for the full implementation of the GPA, the MDC is saying that this is the only way that the inclusive government can make a positive difference to the lives of all Zimbabweans.

Makoni is fully aware that it is in fact Zanu PF and its leader, Robert Mugabe, who are letting the country down by disregarding key elements in the GPA. Mugabe and Zanu PF’s continued disrespect of the GPA, democracy and human rights, has resulted in the country to continue facing international segregation.  This has seriously affected on the growth of the country’s economy.

The MDC finds it astounding that Makoni can claim that the MDC is not fighting for the repeal of the POSA and AIPPA. In Parliament, the MDC Chief Whip, Hon. Innocent Gonese has moved a private member’s Bill that seeks amendments to POSA.  The Bill is now at the committee stage. It is therefore unfortunate that Makoni, who is firmly ensconced in a political cemetery after a dismal performance in the 2008 election, seems to be unaware of this. President Tsvangirai won that election.

Makoni came into that race as a spoiler, a one day wonder and an opportunist. The MDC understands the source of his personal bitterness, after he missed out on the Zanu PF’s gravy train during its heyday. However, despite his misguided thoughts, it is not the MDC’s duty to pick Simba Makoni from the political cemetery and revive his fading political fortunes.

It is unfortunate that he wants to use the MDC as leverage to gain political space in the country. The MDC is a people’s party and will continue fighting to deliver real change to Zimbabwe.
Together, united, winning, ready for real change!