Village headmen ordered to mobilise voters

Villagers under ZANU-PF legislator for Mazowe, North Cairo Mhandu said regular meetings were being held in which they were reminded that the June 2008 political unrest was looming should they not repent.

They said  the threats were  being  spearheaded  by headmen who were  being used  by the  local legislator and that they  were  being  ‘paid  by the  government to mobilize people  to vote  for ZANU-PF.

“Village-heads are telling us that they are on the government payroll for mobilizing us to vote for ZANU-PF come next elections. Its chiweshe-mazoe1surprising  that village heads  are accepting to  persecute even their relatives at the expense of politicians who are  lying  that  they (village heads) are being paid by ZANU-PF for mobilizing  voters. This  is  not  new as  it happened in 2008,” the villagers said.

In June 2008 hundreds of MDC supporters in the area were displaced by Retire Major Cairo Mhandu supporters. (ZimEye, Zimbabwe)