Professor Mutambara surely now on his way out


    Speaking at the party’s offices, the newly elected provincial youth chairman Jackson Lunga said they were rallying behind a candidate from Bulawayo.

    “After wide consultations, we as the Bulawayo province youth league, declare that at the next congress we are rallying behind Welshman Ncube, the candidate from Bulawayo, to take over as party president,” he said.

    The declaration seemed to confirm assertions by Ncube’s rivals in the party that the youth assembly in Bulawayo was “stuffed” with the party secretary-general’s supporters following the dissolution of the previous one reportedly backing current party president Arthur Mutambara, who is also Deputy Prime Minister.

    Ncube is the Minister of provinces.

    “The party has adopted a three-month action plan, part of which will be dedicated to a gap-filling exercise in all the provinces as well as a countrywide restructuring process,” he said.

    Lunga added that the action plan also included raising awareness among the youths to participate in political issues, so that they would be well-positioned for strategic leadership at all times.

    Provincial secretary Ntando Ndlovu added that by the time they go to congress, they would be a revitalised party.

    “We have been in the process of rejuvenating the party since last month and we want to march together towards congress as a re-energised and growing party,” he said.

    “We want to be a party that will respond to the needs of the people under the current political and economic environment. Bulawayo is the nerve centre of MDC-M and it is time we reclaimed that glory and reclaimed our territory.”

    In an interview with NewsDay on Sunday, MDC-M national spokesman Edwin Mushoriwa said:

    “The position of the party is that the selection or nomination of a candidate can only be done after a notice has been given by the party.

    Therefore, I am sure that the youths were expressing their choice of nominations as a group.

    There is nothing wrong with that, although it does not necessarily follow that is it the national position.