Army General awarded massive GMB exit package as looting continues unabated


    Muvuti’s contract of employment was terminated in August 2007. He was then arrested on criminal charges for allegedly corruptly issuing GMB fuel to friends and relatives. However, Muvuti was cleared of the charges of criminal abuse of duty after a fully contested trial.

    The Rtd army officer is still enjoying another exite package from his former employer, the Zimbabwe National Army who gave him a government house in Belvedere and a flat in Mabelreign.

    "Claimant is entitled to terminal benefits stipulated in terms of the operative agreement between the parties and the law. The contract which was being tacitly renewed and which was terminated at the end of January 2008 was the acting chief executive’s contract," ruled Mr Manase.

    In a quantification award by the same arbitrator, it was stated that Muvuti was entitled to: Toyota Land Cruiser, Mazda Eagle, Vehicle (same status with the Land Cruiser), Annual gross salary for five years.

    Entertainment allowance

    Security guard for 12 hours daily

    Housemaid and a gardener

    Telephone allowance (covering 100 percent of his cellphone bill and 60 percent of landline phone)

    Tuition fees and levies for children

    Full membership fees for him and spouse to a professional or recreational club of choice.

    However, GMB, through its lawyers have filed an appeal at the Labour Court against the arbitrator’s decision. Rtd Col Muvuti’s lawyer Mr Blessing Diza of Musunga and Associates said Muvuti would wait for the appeal outcome before executing the award.

    "We got the award, but we now have to wait for the Labour Court challenge.

    "The benefits should be worked out in monetary value, but at the time we cannot talk about the figures," said Mr Diza.

    Rtd Col Muvuti was appointed operations director for GMB on August 1, 2002 and the contract was valid for five years.

    Six months later, Rtd Col Muvuti was appointed acting chief executive officer, on a contract that was expected to run until February 2008. But the acting chief executive’s contract ended prematurely after the parastatal accused him of criminal abuse of duty.