Arrest Henrietta Rushwaya, bring her to court


     Madzimure, Kambuzuma MP (MDC-T) said Rushwaya should be arrested because she has brought the game of football in Zimbabwe into disrepute.


     “There is a clear case that corruption was committed and the game of football in Zimbabwe has been brought into disrepute by Henrietta’s corrupt activities,” said Madzimure.

     “It is clear that she sent Monomotapa Football Club to Malaysia on the pretext that they were the Zimbabwe national football team and that clearly was for betting purposes.”

     He said under the circumstances, Rushwaya committed a criminal offence and should be arrested and charged.

     Zifa tried and found her guilty of the alleged offences, he said, adding it was difficult to understand why the police were not taking action.

     Rushwaya was quizzed by the Zifa tribunal, presided over by Labour Court judge Custom Kachambwa and was found guilty of authorising trips for football teams without consulting the Sports and Recreation Commission among other offences.

     Rushwaya is still being investigated for other alleged offences.

     APNAC is a group of African parliamentarians who work towards the elimination of all forms of corruption by politicians and high-ranking individuals in society.

     APNAC was formed in 1999 in Uganda.

     It is also a member of the Global Organisation of Parliamentarians Against Corruption.

     Madzimure is the chairman of APNAC Zimbabwean Chapter.

     “Since Rushwaya did this for betting purposes, the unfortunate thing is that the footballers have also been used, and because of procrastination, we now have a situation where players have been cited for corruption,” he said.

     He said corrupt officials should be behind bars and that APNAC had observed that there were many cases where Zifa had been fingered for corruption.

     “We want to know why the Brazilian team’s visit was not organised with the full knowledge of the Zifa board.

     “No one has authority to decide on the national team without the full knowledge of the Zifa board,” he said.

     He said APNAC would demand a full investigation into the Rushwaya case.

     APNAC secretary-general Kudakwashe Bhasikiti, Zanu PF MP for Mwenezi East, confirmed that APNAC would soon meet to consider the issue of corruption allegations against Rushwaya and make recommendations to Zifa.

     “As APNAC we are against all forms of corruption at any level in Zimbabwe,” said Bhasikiti.

     “We are likely to meet to discuss Rushwaya’s issue and other corruption allegations that we have observed in the country.” he said.