Top business application software rolls out in Zimbabwe


    The company was previously using an in-house system, which had become too cumbersome and did not adequately support the group’s diverse and growing ERP requirements. Working with Softline Accpac business partner, Chips, Treger Products will implement Sage ERP X3 and hopes to go live with two of the group companies by year-end.

    Steve Buckle, consultant to Tregers Products, says Sage ERP X3 was recommended to the company via an associate in South Africa. “We were confident from the outset that the product would meet our challenging requirements with relative ease and thus decided to implement it across the group.”

    Buckle says the ability to meet diverse needs was a key consideration for Treger Products. “With eight different businesses within the group, the ERP solution we selected had to be flexible enough to cater for the diversity of each of these businesses. Treger Plastics, for example, manufacturers PVC pipes and polyethylene packaging, where Kango Products is a primary metal and fabricated metal products manufacturer. Both have very specific production requirements with a complex manufacturing process, and we needed a solution which would manage this multiplicity.”

    Buckle says each product manufactured has a minimum of 10 processes, so the system chosen also had to be extremely-user-friendly. In addition, he says stock control was another key consideration for Treger Products. “Our manufacturing business units include Kango, Monarch Steel, Treger Plastics, Zimbabwe Grain Bag and Tregers Harare, all of these need tight stock control both in monitoring and evaluating stock levels. Sage ERP X3 is broad enough to support all of the planning, scheduling and production control activities we have, yet flexible enough to adapt to different manufacturing modes, including make-to-order, configure-to-order, assemble-to-order, and make-to-stock and mixed-mode environments.”

    Keith Fenner, vice-president – sales, Softline Accpac, says Sage ERP X3 is fully integrated with the sales, CRM, purchasing, inventory and accounting components. The value of an integrated manufacturing ERP software system such as Sage ERP X3 is also twofold: all functions have the same look and feel to minimise training time and promote cross-functional employee usage, which in the case of Treger Industries will prove to be very useful. In addition, information is updated dynamically as business transactions occur, making decision-making more timely and effective.”

    Buckle says the latter is of significance to the company. By implementing Sage ERP X3 we are able to have a standard chart of accounts across the group. This does not only making running the businesses easier, but also gives us buying strength as we are able to monitor, evaluate and draw down a multitude of reports across the group companies in real-time.”

    Rob Watson, MD of Chips, says the solution will cater for 90 concurrent users across the group when all the phases are rolled out. It also supports multiple companies, sites and currencies, which is key for a Zimbabwean company such as Treger Products. Watson says he is encouraged by the decision to implement Sage ERP X3 by such a significant local company after going through a rigorous selection process. “Zimbabwe is a high growth market and we look forward to many more companies using technology to streamline efficiencies and improve business processes."

    Treger Products is comprised of Kango Products; Monarch Steel; Treger Plastics; Tregers Harare; Shamrock Transport; Damic Security; Treger Properties; and Zimbabwe Grand Bags.