Chiyangwa vows to pay for Robert Mugabe's re-election


    Chiyangwa told a ZANU-PF 2010 congress fundraising committee in Mutare at the weekend that ‘to hell with MD-T and its western financiers’ before pledging to provide $100 000 for the holding of the party congress in Mutare next month.

    Chiyangwa fears for his wealth if his auncle Robert Mugabe is booted out of office.

    “MDC-T  should  know that ZANU-PF is  more than prepared  for the election  next  year, and  we are going to  fund  it  in the next election. I as  a  Zimbabwean  I  am going to do  this so that I defend the  country  from the west  who want to  rob us  of  our resources, “he  told the fundraising  committee.

    Chiyangwa is visible in most ZANU-PF rallies backing the liberation party which he at one time said wanted to swallow him after he was in 2004 arrested and detained  for several  months on allegations  of spying ZANU-PF.

    He was however mysteriously acquitted.

    He is also visiting members of the apostolic faith sect around the country where he is giving them a loan of $300 dollars for ‘income’ generating projects.

    Isau Mupfumi who is a ZANU-PF politburo member also pledged $20 000 for the congress which needs $150 000.

    ZANU-PF has intensified  its campaign on members  of the Apostolic sect  this  time deploying  officials from the Registrar General who are  giving birth and national registration certificates at the church gatherings.

    One such  meeting  where birth certificates were  issued  to the church members was at Gokwe Centre last week where Robert Mugabe’s nephew Phillip Chiyangwa addressed and introduced officials  from the registrar general’s  office to issue the documents.

    The move  by ZANU-Pf  is aimed at forcing the Apostolic sect members to vote  for  it in the next election.

    Chiyangwa who visited the church congregation last week introduced Birth and Registration officials to the church and
    challenged all adults who had no Identity cards to get them throughout the week.

    ZANU-PF has targeted Johane Marange Apostolic church because of its huge following. Since the  beginning of the  year when the party started talking  about elections its  senior officials have  been visible at  the  church’s  gatherings where  they are telling them to vote  for ZANU-PF come  election time.

    Sources  said Chiyangwa also launched an ‘income generating’ loan project in which he gave every member of the church an interest free US$300 which will be returned in installments.

    President Robert Mugabe’s ZANU-PF party and Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai  of  MDC are  calling  for elections  next  year, despite the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission’s (ZEC)unpreparedness  to  conduct a free and  fair  poll any time soon because  of resource constraints