Mr Mathuthu and please do the right thing!


    In a report done 24 hours after we have done our job, "Staff" writer says "A STATE-LED fightback against newspaper claims that President Robert Mugabe ordered his bodyguard’s murder to cover up an affair between his wife, Grace, and Reserve Bank Governor Gideon Gono has suffered a major setback.

    In an unprecedented development, government officials released what they said was Cain Chademana’s death certificate, along with a statement from a hospital where he died, in an attempt to refute that he had been poisoned as claimed by the Sunday Times newspapers in South Africa and Britain."

    But major discrepancies have been discovered in the documents, raising more questions than answers.

    We’re also told – "Eagle-eyed New readers noted that the fading official stamps on the death certificate would suggest it was certified BEFORE it was even issued.

    The document was signed by one Milcah Mapfumo for the Registrar General on August 31, 2010, and bears a Harare District Registry (Death Section) stamp also showing the same date.

    But incredibly, the death certificate also bears a certification stamp stating it is a “true copy of the original”, yet the date on the stamp is August 30 – meaning the certificate was certified before it was issued. That stamp bears the signature of a Reverend G. Mukonoweshuro, a registered marriage officer."

    When published the dodgy death certificate, myself as the Editor of The Zimbabwe Mail and my team we decided to scrutinise the dossier for any inconsistences and it didn’t take us more than 5 minutes to find the glaring inconsistences and we decided to do a story about it.

    We even tried to contact for any further investigations but noone was prepared to assist and so we published the story based on the basis of material facts at hand.

    Twenty-four hours on "an eagle-eyed New Zimbabwe reader" noted the anomalies.

    Now this raises a number of questions on the level of professional workmanship at our friends at

    They have allowed themselves to be used in an "unprecedented" brutal modern day lynching scheme of the deceased man, all in the name of "unprecedented" defence of Robert Mugabe by a Zimbabwean private citizen.

    The late Mr Chademana’s personal records, dodgy or not dodgy, have been paraded in the media in an unprecedented brutal fashion without regard to his privacy and his grieving family’s consent.

    What happened to the bragging of "the unprecedented cooperation by Zimbabwe government authorities".

    As much as we (The Zimbabwe Mail) seek unprecedented credit from our friends at, which we know will never come, we urge them to offer their unprecedented sincere apologies to the Chademana family for publishing and spreading grossly damaging falsehood in the name of defending Robert Mugabe and his sidekicks.

    A public apology is the only way Mr Mathuthu and can pluck themselves from a hole they have shoved themselves in.

    We’re are not saying we’re angels in this game, but there is a line crossed here!

    Crawl back from that hole Mr Mathuthu and say sorry to the Chademana family! Today they need you more than ever! 

    The Head of State and Government, Commander in Chief, Zimbabwe University Chancellor, Patron of War Veterans, The Hon Comrade President Robert Gabriel Mugabe, Your Governor and Sis Grace have the means and resources to clean their names, either through their media or recourse to the courts, what of the poor grieving Chademana family who have to put up with low of the lowest besmirching of alltime?

    What is the source of this incredible turnaround by Mr Mathuthu, in the last few years?