Grace-Gonogate plot thickens: Glaring gross inconsistences exposes Death Certificate published by


    The alleged leaked death certificate whose aunthenticity is now questionable is supposedly been signed by a Milcah Mapfumo for the Registrar General on the 31st of august with a stamp to confirm that, but paradoxically a Commissioner of Oaths seems to have signed the copy given to a day before it was even issued by the Registrar General’s office. See the image below.

    Here at The Zimbabwe Mail, we’re not sure as well if has contacted the grieving family of Mr Chademana before publishing information of such personal nature in their quest to get angry on behalf of Mr Mugabe, his wife Grace and Dr Gono.

    Brutal besmirching the dead for Robert Mugabe.

    Incredible dramatic turnaround by Mr Mduduzi Mathuthu, the founder and Editor of  

    A commissioner of oaths only signs document copies after they have been issued to verify that he has seen the original and guarantee the copy is a genuine copy of the original. The case is not so in this instance where a copy was signed before the death certificate was even issued!


    Chademana's Death Certificate

    In the story by, Robert Mugabe’s former bodyguard, Cain Chademana, is alleged to have been "probably killed by AIDS, according to a death certificate obtained by New"

    If they believed the auntenticity of the death certficate then it is most likely not to be "probably".

    "This website ( has received unprecedented cooperation from Zimbabwean authorities who released the document, on request, along with an accompanying letter from a hospital where he was treated, as they fight UK and South African newspaper claims that he was killed through poisoning to stop him revealing information about First Lady Grace Mugabe’s alleged affair with Reserve Bank governor Gideon Gono."

    "Chademana, who died on August 26, suffered cardiorespiratory arrest, disseminated tuberculosis, pneumonia and “retroviral infection” — a medical euphemism for HIV, according to a death certificate dated August 28, and signed by Milcah Mapfumo for the Registrar General." – There goes Mr Mathuthu and his people!

    Of interest to our readers, when he died, he was 38 (again as we’ve been told by and their alleged leaked death certficate) but all the media quotes that Mr Chademana was a veteran of the war of liberation?
    How can this be because when the war ended in 1979, Chademana would have been 7. Amazing!
    What we know though is that the Zimbabwe State Security agents can get hold of a blank death certificate through a mere phone call to yours truely, the legendary Registrar General Cde Tobaiwa Mudede.
    If Cde Tobaiwa can rig elections, or cause the oozing of deisel from a rock, why not a mere birth or death certificate.
    This one though has been ravaged by poor workmanship or someone wants to undermine the defence case for the Head of State, Commander in chief of the Defence Forces, Zimbabwe University Chancellor, Patron of War Veterans, Zanu PF President and First Secretary, Zimbabwe’s Hon. Comrade President Robert Gabriel Mugabe. End games!