Zanu PF will never handover power to MDC – Chairman


    “We are a revolutionary party and any other party which thinks will rule this country is day dreaming. We will not relinquish power to any other party other than ZANU-PF”, Khaya Moyo told a ZANU-PF meeting at Mary Mount Teachers’ College in Mutare at the weekend.
    ZANU-PF is using soldiers to bar MDC rallies in Manicaland and the servicemen are also directing chiefs and other traditional leaders to block MDC rallies.

    Last week villagers in Nyanga said Headmen and Chiefs were forced by soldiers to gather at Nyamasara secondary school in Nyanga where they were told to not to allow the legislator for the area Douglas Mwonzora to organise any meeting any more.

    There are fears that the country will soon drift back into 2008 pre-election violence after Mugabe indicated earlier in the week that elections could follow immediately after the expiry of the Global Political Agreement.