Mugabe talk reveals excessive old-fashioned dictator – Sikhala


    He was addressing a small group of no more than one hundred very old women of his same age who looked senile and starving at the Zanu PF headquarters in Harare on Saturday 16 October 2010.

    Robert Mugabe was pronouncing the immediacy of the elections mid next year. He was berating his counterpart in government Morgan Tsvangirai of MDC T.

    That statement cannot be taken lightly by any Zimbabwean worth his salt. It has a lot of confirmations and connotations.

    There are the sick and feeble in mind including those who were once working with us who are now parading Mugabe as a sharp and reasonable person.

    It makes someone wonder whether the sweetness of the gravy train would blind someone so quickly forgetting our suffering past.

    The statement clearly authenticates Robert Mugabe as one of those old fashioned despots who have exceeded all forms of insanity.

    Robert Mugabe is now the leader of all super despots the world over. What we know is that Mugabe has never consulted anyone since blooding his way up the Zanu PF ladder.

    Since then his hymn and chorus has always been listening to his own voice and massaging his selfish political ego. A voice that supersedes his sense of humanity, if he has any.

    I wonder whether Morgan Tsvangirai is serious for him to have expected a person of Robert Mugabe calibre to consult him. It is a public secret that Mugabe does not consult. The only time the two consulted each other and come to an agreement was a unison breach of the so called Global Political Agreement by abandoning the agreed 32 ministers and 15 deputies to a bloated 77.

    One needs to check the Hansard to see how many of them are having the so called official Mercedes benz and high clearance vehicles in the calibre of Jeep Cherokees, Prados, Isuzu or Landcruiser VX and V8. These are the only things which Mugabe agreed and acceded to Tsvangirai because he wanted every one of them to qualify in the gravy train bracket minus David Coltart.

    The common characteristics of a perfect dictator are to en suite any individual to suit in his straight jacket. We have noticed the statements of excitement from both Morgan Tsvangirai and Arthur Mutambara after having been sworn by Mugabe that the dictator is human like all of us.

    Robert Mugabe pretended to be benevolent but beneath his heart he knew he would use cheap and greedy individuals who belatedly realized the dangers of being trapped. They have simply been used to give legitimacy to a dead and buried despot.

    That’s why Robert Mugabe has energy to shout out his silly and stupid statements. He has quickly forgotten that the people voted him out in 2008.

    He has only been given the lifeline through naivety of those who defeated him who invited him to come and lead them.

    The dictator is now excreting right into their faces in public! They must stop inviting our sympathy because they are reaping rightfully what they sowed. So sickening is Robert Mugabe’s call for elections next year. Iwe mudhara knowing well that even if a ballot is called among his family of six, he will be defeated. Maybe his own vote and that of Russel will count to his side because he will be afraid of being denied supper because mubvandiripo.

    It is only Mugabe’s quest to terminate more young lives that incites him to call for elections.

    He wants to beat the natural designs of nature that him being 86 he knows God’s call is thus not far. He thinks he should not perish alone. The people of Zimbabwe must reject to be entrapped by Mugabe to engage in human extermination disguised as an election.

    We are now wiser and cleverer. The people of Zimbabwe are going to give Mugabe a fatal blow, no matter how many dead bodies. The people shall exorcise the excessive demon of insanity of this dictator and the hour shall come. – Zim Diaspora