Zanu (PF) Confused and Moribund

The full text of the Herald article on the Gazetting of Mugabe’s illegal allocation of ministries, shows the total arrogance and detachment from the people with which Mugabe is now running Zimbabwe.

Written by “Herald Reporters”, the article states:”President Mugabe has gazetted ministries allocated to Zanu-PF, MDC-T and MDC in terms of the power-sharing agreement signed by the three parties.”

The Herald reporters don’t seem to be concerned that the MDC did not agree to the distribution of Ministries done by Mugabe, which means that the announcement was not in terms of the power-sharing agreement signed by the three parties.

The Herald article then quotes Section (L) of the Functions and Powers of the President outlined in the power-sharing agreement which states that the Head of State shall after consultation with the Vice Presidents, the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Ministers, allocate ministerial portfolios in accordance with the agreement.

The implication is therefore that he consulted them, and, though they did not agree, he was now go ahead with his allocation, which he did.

Then the Herald states that Mugabe is now expected to sign the necessary papers for the appointment of the Vice Presidents, Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Ministers (whether Tsvangirai likes it or not), yet he is the one who is being appointed.

The obvious intention here is to say, if Tsvangirai does not like it, he can go and hang, then he will go into a government with the Arthur Mutambara faction, though constitutionally this would be difficult since the agreement explicitly stated that Tsvangirai would be the Prime Minister.

Mugabe would therefore have to proceed by other ways than the GNU agreement, so he would have to repudiate the agreement.

The Herald also states that the Tsvangirai and Mutambara would have to somehow become MPs – the only way for them becoming MPs being appointment by himself, before their parties could then nominate them for ministerial appointment.

And it absurdly states that that “no appointments would be made until the facilitator, former SA president Cde Thabo Mbeki, had come to assist on the outstanding ministry – Finance, which Cde Mugabe provisionally assigned to Zanu-PF.”

Yet everything is outstanding as there has been no agreement on anything, as the MDC has said.

Analysts have said the episode serves to illustrate the chaos and confusion in Zanu (PF) and the fact that Mugabe is no longer in control of the running of government – all the time committing himself to one thing with the negotiators and then being forced to do another thing by his Politburo or the armed forces.

The suspicion is that it is actually the JOC that is running the country, which would explain why Mugabe would met with Tsvangirai and agree to call in the mediator while at the same time a Government Gazette is being put through in his name which nullifies what has been agreed.

Then there is the irrationality of the allocation.

Why would Zanu (PF) insist on having Home Affairs if it was committed to eliminating political violence, which would require tough police action against the rogue elements in Zanu (PF) who are still camped out in former torture camps.

Why would they insist on having Foreign Affairs when they know that the diplomatic representation of the MDC is what would placate the international community to start having relations with Zimbabwe.

Why would they insist on having Finance when they know that the MDC Prime Minister is supposed to convince the international community that there has been a sea change in Zimbabwe, that a new man is in charge of finances so that their aid and debt would be in safe hands.

Why would they insist on Justice if it not to ensure that they continue controlling the court systems which grant impunity to their erring comrades and violent ex-combatants and militia who safeguard their rule.

Analysts ask what is it that Zanu (PF) can do now with these Ministries that they failed to do in the last twenty eight years. The conclusion, Zanu (PF) is just desperate and does not know what to do. Source: