A HARARE stripper caused a stir at a Bulawayo night club when she stripped naked and sucked a male reveller’s private organ.

She was subsequently arrested, locked in a police cell and released the following morning after paying a $20 fine.
According to the Zimbabwe Censorship Board, the rules and regulations governing strip tease are that performers are not allowed to strip beyond the G-string level and physical contact with patrons is prohibited.
Sandra Munetei (22) of Malbereign in Harare learnt the hard way that violating the working conditions of her stripping licence had repercussions when she was arrested after pleasuring a male patron.
A source that was present at the night spot told B-Metro that the stripper almost caused a stampede with men jostling to get their turn with the organ sucking stripper.
“She took everyone by surprise when she completely stripped naked in the closing stages of her performances and as if that was not enough she proceeded to suck the organ of one male patron. This excited other men who started pushing and shoving to get their turn,” said the source.
Moments later the stripper found herself in handcuffs.
When contacted for comment, the stripper claimed she had been forced into going nude and sucking the patron’s organ by the night club DJ who threatened her with non payment if she did not comply with his ‘orders’.
“The DJ told me that the revellers were not happy with my performance so I would not get paid if I did not do something extra ordinary. I was desperate for the money and decided to strip naked. The law does not allow me to remove my panties but he (DJ) begged me to remove just once so as to entice the revellers,” said Munetei.
Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Precious Simango confirmed the incident.
“I can confirm that a dancer at a nightclub in the city centre who was stripping was arrested under the Censorship Act.
“We are appealing to club owners not to allow dancers to strip, or to remove any of their clothing because it is an offence to remove a bra or pant. We will arrest club owners,” said Inspector Simango.

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