'We have a problem in Zimbabwe' – Zuma

"We have a problem in Zimbabwe. At times we feel a little bit worried that the Zimbabweans themselves don’t seem to appreciate the problem, the damage done to the country," he said at a briefing with SA black business representatives.

"We are hoping they will be able to resolve the matter and Zimbabweans instead of arguing about which ministry goes where; will be talking about how to take the country out of difficulty."

Political parties Zanu-PF and the Movement for Democratic Change have failed to implement a power sharing deal signed last month after contested elections in the country.

Zuma said SA and the African National Congress were supporting the Zimbabweans.

"We are with them …but there is a point at which we cannot be with them".

Zuma said it was important to acknowledge the work former president Thabo Mbeki had done for Zimbabwe. He said for a long time Mbeki was under attack for apparently adopting a policy of silent diplomacy.

"He handled the most complex and difficult negotiations and finally succeeded to bring the parties together…producing an African solution.

"He is the one who understands the intricacies of the agreement. He should continue and we support that fully," said Zuma. – SAPA