A NOTORIOUS Chiweshe couple has been jailed 16 months for unlawfully entering into a fellow villager’s house and stealing goods valued at $5 000, which they intended to sell and raise money to compensate their other theft victim.

Wellington Mafunga (32) and his wife Yvone Koili (22), who are both habitual thieves from Sangore village, Chiweshe, yesterday pleaded guilty to the charge before Concession magistrate Nyasha Machiriori and were each sentenced to 10 months in prison. The magistrate added an additional six months from their previous theft count.

Prosecutor Kumbirai Nyamvura told the court that on March 13 at around 2am, the couple stormed into Kudzai Ngoshi’s bedroom while he was asleep and looted groceries, three blankets and a bag before fleeing.

They were subsequently found in possession of the loot, leading to their arrest. In mitigation, they told the magistrate that they wanted to raise money to restitute a complainant of their previous count.

“Your worship, we committed this offence because we wanted to raise money to pay back for our previous case. May you forgive us? We are wallowing in poverty,” the couple pleaded.