Zanu PF infighting stalls talks as Chinamasa and Goche are recalled


    The widespread infighting has now escalated into the party’s provincial structures as Mnangagwa’s faction comes back fighting causing turmoil in the beleaguered former liberation movement.

    The bitter rivalry has now rendered some of the unity government functions inactive, particulary those run by Zanu PF Ministers.

    A Senior Zanu PF source told The Zimbabwe Mail reporter that the Zanu PF delegation to the GPA talks with the MDC scheduled for last Saturday have been withdrawn as a result of the infighting, amid reports that the Mujuru faction riding on its resurgent control of the party is now demanding for fresh appointments of the Zanu PF representatives.

    They want Justice Minister Patrick Chinamasa and Nicholas Goche withdrawn from the talks amid allegations of heavy influence by the Defence Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa.

    The Mujuru faction is suspicious of its rival, particulary the roll of Patrick Chinamasa in the GPA talks and accusations of secret deals with the MDC formation led by Professor Arthur Mutambara are flying around.

    The source said Chinamasa has now ropped-in former Information Minister Jonathan Moyo as his "special advisor" to the talks. Moyo is Mnagagwa’s chief strategist in his ambitions to succeed Robert Mugabe.

    On another front, a source in Zanu PF said a damning land audit report prepared by the Mashonaland provincial Lands secretary, Themba Mliswa and is intended to expose how senior Zanu PF officials linked to Mujuru faction as owning more than one farm.

    Themba Mliswa is a member of a JOC shadow special committee operating in the office of the Presidential Affairs Minister Didymus Mutasa.

    Targeted in the so called land audit are senior party officials, amongst them, politburo member Nathan Shamuyarira and Local government Minister Ignatius Chombo, both believed to be linked to the Mujuru faction in the province.

    "A land report has exposed how senior officials in the province have been exposed for owning more than one farm. The audit report has shown that minister Chombo owns more than five farms in the province".

    "This has divided the party into two. On one side the provincial executive led by John Mafa is pushing for the audit to be released while Chombo and his followers are fighting to stop the report from being made public."

    This has resulted in a group of Chombo followers expressing a vote of no confidence on the current provincial leadership led by Mafa. Chombo is being supported by senior Zanu PF Mashonaland province that includes Nathan Shamhuyarira. However, Mafa has since dismissed the vote of no confidence that was passed in the province as a "non-event and unconstitutional" adding that he was still in charge.

    Meanwhile Businessman and former Zanu-PF Mashonaland West provincial chairman Phillip Chiyangwa has distanced himself from the John Mafa-led executive that is embroiled in a wrangle with the Provincial Co-ordinating Committee.

    The PCC last week said it had passed a vote of no confidence on Mafa, vice chairman Frank Nhambakuwa and the provincial secretary for lands and resettlement Temba Mliswa.

    The executive was accused of repeatedly misrepresenting resolutions of the provincial co-ordinating committee on elections of national executive committees of the youth and women’s leagues.

    Mafa subsequently held a provincial executive meeting and announced that they had instead co-opted Chiyangwa and Christopher Mutsvangwa into the structures.

    However, Chiyangwa said, "I want to dismiss the event as a nullity as it seeks to undermine my political and business career.

    "I don’t want to be associated with factionalism, regionalism, tribalism and flouting of Zanu-PF rules and regulations. Mafa and others have since been removed by a vote of no confidence, anything said or done in his name is a non-event in as far as Zanu-PF leadership is concerned and he should not seek survival through using Phillip Chiyangwa.

    "I dismiss all statements associating me with John Mafa with the contempt it deserves.

    "I will not be used to fight against the tried and tested leadership of Zanu-PF Mashonaland West Province led by Dr Nathan Shamuyarira."