MDC does not support pro-Gay policies – Chamisa

In Zimbabwe, homosexuality is illegal and anyone who comes out open about being gay is arrested and imprisoned. It has not dawned to Zimbabwe’s current crop of legislators that outlawing gay relationships is on its own a violation of human rights. However, in Neighbouring South Africa, gay marriages have been legalised.

Speaking at a weekend rally, MDC spokesman Mr Nelson Chamisa said his party was greatly disturbed by ‘blatant’ lies peddled by Zanu PF on its homosexuality policy, among others.

Although Mr Chamisa accused ZANU-PF of lying about his party policy on many issues such as gay-relationships, he however, was reluctant of declaring the party’s position on homosexuality.

“Zanu PF is peddling a lot of lies about the party of excellence, the MDC. They are going around telling people that our party supports homosexuality and abortion. These are all lies meant to disturb the masses attention on the new constitution process”

“Right now they are lying to people, telling them to attend their rallies and get free maize seed as well as hear more on the constitution.

When the masses come anticipating to hear about the constitution, Zanu PF will change the agenda to be political where they will tell people that only the Headmen are allowed to participate and that they should only talk about the Kariba draft,” he said.

Mr Chamisa said the MDC was also concerned about the army’s presence and involvement in Zanu PF rallies particularly in rural areas where violence was escalting.

Mr Chamisa said that the matter was so serious that his party will seek audience with the principals in the unity government to have it resolved as a matter of urgency.

In response,  Zanu PF deputy spokesperson who is also former Mashonaland Central governor, Mr Ephraim Masawi said he was not in picture with what the MDC was complaining of.

“I don’t know about anyone going around saying such things about the MDC. It’s not our party, so why will we say that? I don’t know anything about that. Our party is really behind the efforts to write a new constitution,” he said. Chamisa