Chiyangwa springs back into politics

In a recent statement, the provincial co-ordinating committee announced that a vote of no confidence had been passed on provincial chairman John Mafa, vice chairman Frank Nhambakuwa and provincial secretary for lands Temba Mliswa.

Mafa, however, issued a counter-statement saying he was still in charge of the province and announced the co-option of Chiyangwa and Christopher Mutsvangwa in the provincial structures.

But yesterday Chiyangwa said the move by the Zanu-PF provincial chairman was a “non-event”. “I want to dismiss the event as a nullity as it seeks to undermine my political and business career.

“I do not want to be associated with factionalism, regionalism, tribalism and flouting of Zanu-PF rules and regulations,” he said.

Mafa announced on Saturday the co-option of Chiyangwa and Christopher Mutsvangwa into provincial structures following a meeting in Chinhoyi.

However, Chiyangwa, a former Zanu-PF provincial chairman for Mashonaland West, said  Mafa and his colleagues had been removed through the vote of no confidence passed last week.

“Anything said or done in his name is a non-event in as far as Zanu-PF leadership is concerned and he should not seek survival through using Phillip Chiyangwa.

“I dismiss all statements associating me with John Mafa with the contempt they deserve.

“I will not be used to fight against the tried and tested leadership of Zanu-PF Mashonaland West province led by Nathan Shamuyarira.”

However, Mafa said the meeting that passed the vote of no confidence was illegal and unconstitutional. Cde Mafa said the meeting had no quorum. “This (vote of no confidence) was done by people who are fooling

“The party’s constitution clearly states that a vote of no confidence should be passed by the province if it is at provincial level and by the district if it is at district level,” he said. – Zim Net Radio