Senegal Offers Land To Haitians


    Mamadou Bamba Ndiaye, spokesperson for President, says that the president is willing to give a region of his country to citizens of Haiti who have suffered from a devastating earthquake.

    Haiti was founded by African slaves, including some believed to have come from Senegal.

    Wade says if Haitians decide to come en masse he is willing to hand over a region of his country to them since this is their “native earth”.

    Ndiaye stressed the president made it clear that whatever region is handed over will be a fertile one, not one in Senegal’s parched deserts.

    Other African states have not been left behind in the scramble to provide international assistance to Haiti.

    The following is a list of aid contributions reportedly pledged by African governments in the wake of the 12 January earthquake.

    South Africa – The government has announced a three-phase assistance package: deployment of doctors to a search and rescue team led by Rescue South Africa, a non-profit company; deployment of forensic pathologists to help identify bodies; provision of unspecified humanitarian aid in partnership with South African NGOs.

    Rwanda – US$100,000, according to Rwanda’s New Times newspaper.

    Liberia – Independent Star radio reported the government had contributed $50,000.

    Nigeria – The 121-strong police contingent serving with the UN mission in Haiti is working with rescue teams in the capital, Port-au-Prince, according to This Day newspaper. The country’s Vice-President Goodluck Jonathan said in a statement: “As the international community mobilizes in aid of Haiti, it can count on Nigeria’s support.”