Mugabe wants Munangagwa on Home Affairs, Gono as Finance Minister

China has ploughed huge investments and now control a significant part of the country’s mineral resources and have threatened to fund and arm an up-rising if their interests are not protected.

MDC-M lieutenants will also get key posts in a new cabinet.

In the new cabinet key Mugabe ally, Emmerson Mnangagwa will become the Minister of Home Affairs, while the architect of Zimbabwe’s economic collapse, Reserve Bank Governor, Gideon Gono, will become Minister of finance.

Gideon "Home Link" Gono, the current Reserve Bank Governor, the chief operations officer in the destruction of Zimbabwean economy and touted as the country’s richest man through tapping foreign currency from exiled Zimbabweans, will be appointed Finance Minister, a move that will not go down well with Western donor community.

Gono also owns a number of media outlets including The Financial Gazett and the online publication

It is understood that MDC-M Secretary General, Welshman Ncube, another government spy agent will be allocated the Ministry of Trade and Industry, and his sidekick and personal secretary, Priscilla Misihairambwi Mushonga will get the Ministry of Communications and Moses Mzila-Ndlovu will become the new Minister of National Integration, Sport and Culture.

Emmerson Munangagwa was in charge of JOC (Joint Operation Command) in the country’s dark days when many opposition supporters were killed in horrific scenes during the recently held Presidential elections. The nickname "Ingwe" (crocodile) is derived from his ruthless grip on the CIO, which is the government spy agents linked to the murder, torture and disappearance of thousands since 1980.

Munangagwa is also linked to the Matebeleland mass murders in the 80s when over 20 000 are believed to have been killed by government security forces.

In a UN report, Emmerson Munangagwa was directly linked to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) blood diamonds syndicate a charge he has furiously denied.

Many believe "Ingwe" is the brains behind many unexplained fatal car accidents that have claimed Zimbabwean politicians since the death of ZANLA Commander Tongogara late in the 70s in a road carnage.

A senior source within ZANU PF told this paper that upon his return from New York on Monday, Mugabe was told by the heads of the Army, Police and the Air Force that he had two choices, either refuse to share key ministries with MDC-T or risk being forcibly removed from office.

"Mugabe is determined to remain as President of Zimbabwe until the day he dies, but he knows that if he ignores the threats from the generals that day could come a lot sooner than he thinks", the Zanu PF source said.

Aware that the Morgan Tsvangirai MDC would have no option but to refuse the minor ministries offered to it, Mugabe is expected to proceed with forming a cabinet of his own.

To provide the necessary window dressing to placate regional unease over this move, Mugabe has enticed the leaders of the MDC faction led by Arthur Mutambara with positions in the new cabinet.

Commenting on this development, an MDC spokesperson said that it shows the MDC-M leadership are not interested in alleviating the suffering of the people but are instead focused on lining their own pockets.

"You can predict what will happen when these people climb into bed with the same people who have raped our county and who have no desire to admit to, or address, the problems the people are facing" the spokesperson said.

"While this deal will worsen the situation in the country it will serve to strengthen the resolve of the people and the MDC to finding a lasting solution to the Zimbabwe crisis", he added.

Millions of ordinary Zimbabweans are facing starvation as the dry season comes to an end and there is no seed or fertiliser for planting. The economy is in free fall with the local currency at Z$1 000 000.00 to US$1.00 only months after the government removed 10 zeroes from the currency and inflation is standing at almost 200 million percent.