Robert Mugabe Pressed To Denounce Violence


    Douglas Mwonzora the committee’s co-chairperson said his committee had requested that Mugabe and Prime Minister Tsvangirai publicly speak against violence to facilitate the creation of a conducive atmosphere for Zimbabweans to freely express what they want included in the, making of the country’s new constitution.

    “We have asked the GPA chief negotiators to come and address the outreach team on the issue of violence. We hope it will help,” said Mwonzora.

    “We want to create an atmosphere where our people can express themselves. We wanted the GPA principals to come and launch the outreach programme but they are not in the country. We wanted them to denounce violence and preach tolerance.”

    Mwonzora said it is an emperical fact that some sectors of the Zimbabwean society were traumatized in 2008 by the Zanu PF led government whose manpower is still place.

    “The apparatus and machinery still exist. But Zimbabweans must get out of that problem by doing something about it. They suffered because the constitutional set up allowed it. We have to change this,” said Mwonzora.

    But Mwonzora’s came at a time when the MDC reported that there is a resurgence of violence in Mashonaland East. The MDC said Zanu PF is organising villagers registering everyone in preparation for the public outreach programme.

    The committee wants to prevent the outbreak of violence like the one witnessed in the run up to the June 2008 Presidential run off election.

    On Tuesday war veterans threatened to turn the whole constitution making process upside down when they threatened to beat up members of the civil society who differed with them on particular areas of the constitution making roadmap.

    The war veterans did not want civic society members to contribute to the making up of the thematic committee which deals with issues concerns war veterans and the country’s liberation struggle.