Moyo's Christmas alibi reveals another secret meeting in the boat

Mnangagwa was outflanked by a rival faction led by General Solomon Mujuru in the battle to succeed veteran Robert Mugabe in ZANU PF at the last Fifth National People’s Congress.

In a statement loaded with sharp, abusive language and the usual bile, the Zanu PF come-back-kid failed dismally to dispell the big story currently doing the rounds across the country in pubs, churches and commuter busses that he is leading an Emmerson Mnangagwa plot to form a new breakaway party from the ashes of the beleaguered former ruling party, Zanu PF.

The unemployed, former University of Zimbabwe political science lecturer denied the publication of a story by the ‘Zimbabwean on Sunday’ newspaper on January 10 entitled: Mnangagwa plots fight-back: talk of a new splinter group.

Moyo described the story as "fiction", merely by virtue of his creative defensive work of sexed up alibi. But, last night a new source said Moyo had actually revealed another venue of the plots where another secret meetings was carried out in a boat in Kariba. The source said Moyo had this low level meeting with staff who will mann the Cape Town office. It is believed he took them in a step by step induction training course before they left for South Africa.

As the jostling gets hot, secret meetings and plots have been organised everyday in buildings’ basements, backyard gardens and in roadside car parks ever since the last December’s Zanu PF Fifth National People’s Congress. Moyo is also well known for taking his famly to secret political meetings to cover his back.

On the receiving end of Professor Moyo’s fury, is the editor and founder of a Zimbabwean newspaper, The Zimbabwean, Mr Wilf Mbanga whose paper published a story by The Zimbabwe Mail, a rising Zimbabwean online publication.

In his aggressive statement send to his mouth-piece, Moyo said, "the desperately false claim that I attended a political meeting of any kind in Gweru on December 25, 2009 or that I was anywhere in or near Gweru on Christmas day to mastermind a so-called Tsholotsho Part II strategy with some unnamed people who allegedly included Cdes Emmerson Mnangagwa, July Moyo, Flora Buka, Fred Kanzama and Mike Madiro is a terribly fictitious and astonishingly idiotic tale told by wretched MDC T idiots who are now running scared of the oblivion facing their treacherous party on the back of Zanu PF’s apparent resurgence."

"If these idiots and their equally idiotic British handlers cared to check facts and build their propaganda on some truth, something they are apparently incapable of doing because of their breathtaking incompetence, they would have known that from December 24 to December 27 last year I was actually in beautiful Kariba enjoying true Zimbabwean hospitality at Christmas with my family at Caribbea Bay.

"This is a fact known to staff at that hotel and by many other families, some of them well known personalities, who also were guests at the hotel," said Mr Moyo in a desparate ettempt to make up an alibi after learning that he will soon be called to explain himself in front of the Presidium.

"Only idiots can believe and claim that I was in Gweru and in Kariba at exactly one and the same time because that proposition is plainly idiotic"!

The last time, Professor Moyo organised the failed Tsholotsho coup in 2004, he had also chartered a private jet to fly political heavyweights including six provincial party chairmen, Justice Minister Patrick Chinamasa, and the likes of, Joseph Chinotimba to Bulawayo, with plans to drive them in SUVs to a Tsholotsho village school, where they were to experience reorientation programm to dislodge Joyce Mujuru and taken back to Bulwayo for drinks. Everything was arranged for those involved to be "in different places at the same time".

This time Moyo had all the facilities to be "in different places at the same time", all provided free, thanks to Thornhill Airbase which provided a helicopter and the the clearance from the Defence Minister himself.

"Just because some MDC T idiots could not have Christmas with their families because of their sell-out commitments does not mean we are all that depraved," said "Cde" Moyo raising the bar on hot air.

"Surely, they should have chosen a better day for their fictitious rubbish than Christmas day!" This is Moyo, bringing the name of God into disprepute.

It is a shame that in this digital age where facts are very easy to establish and verify, we still have foolish Uncle Toms like Wilf Mbaga and his idiotic pawns in Harare who peddle crude and embarrassing lies reminiscent of what Native Commissioners and their Tshombes used to cook up in the colonial days," said the clearly angry Mr Moyo.

"But of course, there is no reason for anyone to expect factual information from publications like Wilf Mbanga’s so-called Zimbabwean which now routinely reproduces fictitious and idiotic counter intelligence rubbish that is habitually planted by lazy and incompetent British and American agents in some hopeless and patently idiotic websites that are better left unmentioned."

The Zimbabwe Mail is a Zimbabwean website for Zimbabweans and it has no link to the British or American intelligence as Mr Moyo has stated in this statement. We will soon be writing to him to seek an explaination about his statement. We have journalists on the ground embedded right inside the goings-on in both Zanu PF factions and we will not be intimidated by politicians and hired, unemployed political science lecturers.

What Mr Moyo is not aware of is that our reporter in Harare is now in possession of his 200 page document which contains detailed plans for a breakaway Zanu PF party whose first Congress is scheduled for September 2010.

Last night one of the Senior members of this desparate Zanu PF faction tried to scare this reporter but got the shock of his life when he found out how strong the evidence we have and the massive support we have received from the higher authorities in Zanu PF.

Mr Moyo will be surprised when he attends a hearing in the next few days or weeks in which he will be called to explain "things" he thought him, and only himself knew about.

The embattled former lecturer could not shy away from a pop at the Finance Minister Tendai Biti whom he accused of abusing his position to remove all duty on news paublications saying they get fictitious anti-Zanu PF stories from British counter intelligence operatives specialising on peddling disinformation on behalf of the now decomposing MDC T.

Mr Wilf Mbanga, a gentleman and hardworking media man was called "a celebrated media fraud masquerading as a journalist"? "In fact, Wilf Mbanga is so treacherously blinded by his love for Rhodies and Brits that he cannot recognise any truth even if it smacks him on his Uncle Tom face." said the Mr Moyo.

"It is therefore not surprising that Mbanga has pathetic pawns who call themselves Never Chanda and Farai Shoko who have no shame in accepting dirty money from British intelligence to peddle fictitious and idiotic stories against Zanu PF".

Maybe they do not know this but the MDC T idiots and the British counter intelligence agents behind Wilf Mbanga’s desperately false Christmas story are playing a dangerous disinformation game which can be played in far better ways by revolutionary comrades to the devastation of corrupt and incompetent MDC T ministers, councillors and politicians including Wilf Mbanga and some Zimbabwean website operators whose cupboards are full of shocking skeletons. Oooo dear!

"With its British and Rhodie roots so naked, the MDC T is a sitting duck for counter intelligence games that others can also play and even better," said the rogue professor spewing his empty threats.

"If they doubt this, they should continue their dirty tricks and see what will happen to them as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow!", we are all warned by the desparate Tsholotsho legend eager to scare us into silence.

Otherwise, the time has come for the British who sponsor Wilf Mbanga’s rogue publications to understand that their wish for a divided, factionalised or tribalised Zanu PF went down both the Blair and Bush toilets some years back.

This is 2010 and Zanu PF has taken its lessons from the events of the last 10 years and the revolutionary party is poised for renewal and growth rooted in its strong history as a revolutionary liberation movement with a nationalist, democratic and progressive orientation.

This year and beyond, imperialists and their sell-outs such as Wilf Mbanga will come to appreciate that, in the final analysis, every Zimbabwean is Zanu PF at heart!"

As Zanu PF factions jostle for power, there is growing fear that Robert Mugabe’s departure will be worse than his presidency.

Solomon Mujuru took command of the ZANU guerrilla army in 1979 under the nom de guerre Rex Nhongo, and he went on to lead Zimbabwe’s armed forces for a decade after the war ended. He apparently fell out with Mnangagwa when the latter blocked his bid to buy into a lucrative chrome mining scheme.

But the ethnic allegiances of the key players are also a significant factor in this struggle for the post-Mugabe presidency.

Mnangagwa and Joice Mujuru both belong to Zimbabwe’s biggest tribe, the Shona. But within this tribe, Mnangagwa comes from a clan called the Karanga, while Mujuru belongs to Mugabe’s own Zezuru clan.

Tensions between the Karanga and Zezuru trace back to the war, when the Karanga provided the bulk of fighters and military leaders for the ZANU movement.

Since power fell into the hands of Mugabe – a ruthless Zezuru intellectual who led the ZANU movement but did no fighting himself – many Karangas feel he has ignored their contribution, sidelined their leaders and promoted members of his own clan.

Zanu PF is heavily divided and given this simmering discontent, Joice Mujuru will have to work carefully to earn the trust of Karanga politicians in the looming battle for succession.