War veterans in latest blackmail threats


    “We are entitled to a 20 percent share of the national cake. By this I mean we should get a 20 percent share of land allocations under the land reform programme, residential stands allocations in all towns and cities in the country, natural resources and anything to do with mines,” Sebastian Beta, a spokesperson of ZNLVA told an independent radio station Radio VOP.

    “We fought the armed struggle to gain political power and economic power and we believe we have a right to this 20 percent we are asking for. War vets are some of the poorest people around despite the work that they have done for this country.”

    He said there are a lot of people who have been masquerading as war veterans getting riches.

    “It is now time for real war veterans to stand up and reclaim their legacy,” said Beta.

    He added that the war veteran’s movement in the country has been infiltrated by people who did not go to war.

    “We have been infiltrated by bogus people some as young as 22 years but we don’t want bogus  war veterans, now the time has come for war veterans to claim their position in society we are sick and tired of people who kill, murder and rape in the name of war veterans,” said Beta.

    “A war veteran is a disciplined, old person not these 16 years old boys and girls who went around the country in 2008 killing and raping people. If you see a person beating up people then that person is not a war veteran.”

    The war veterans group will this week hold a two-day conference in Chinhoyi at the Chinhoyi Public Service Training Centre to elect its new leadership.

    The purpose of the conference according to Beta is to restore the dignity of war veterans, push for better pensions, housing and clamour for a 20 percent share of the national cake.