Top Nestle Official Visits Harare Plant

The visit coincided with the re-opening of the food manufacturer’s factory.

Chiniah, who is based in Kenya where her office, the Nestlé Equatorial African Region oversees the food giant’s operations in 20 countries in Africa, told this reporter that the visit was a standard visit to one of Nestle’s operations.

“We very often conduct routine market visits and this is the purpose of my current visit to Zimbabwe,” Chiniah said to a Zimbabwean private radio station.

Nestle, which has operated in Zimbabwe for the past 50 years suspended operations at its Harare factory as normal business was no longer possible and the safety of its employees could not be guaranteed.

The multinational company which employs more than 200 people only resumed operations last week following written assurances given by Industry and Commerce Minister Welshman Ncube to guarantee the security of Nestlé management and staff and not to interfere in the company’s operating processes.

The Swiss headquartered food manufacturer has since it established operation in the country been working with the population of Zimbabwe and striving to maintain a long-term viable operation in often challenging conditions.

Meanwhile the Nestle spokesperson Brinda Chiniah wrote to The Zimbabwe Mail refuting our claims that they have given a new contract to a Zanu PF official and we have send in inquiries for furter verification of the initial information in our report. Radio VOP