Gentle reminder to Professor Welshman Ncube

Those fortunate enough to occupy high offices will have secretaries or PAs to sort out the diary and remind them of key dates and engagements. And it is easy to forget or simply overlook some commitments we may have made some years earlier, say 3 or 4 years and it is with this in mind that I wish to gently remind our good Prof.Ncube of the promise he made in 2006.

Most of us will remember how Prof.Ncube lectured us about the importance of principles and values. He told everyone who bothered to listen how he could not work with people who do not have principles and values. He further lectured us, we mere mortals, on the importance of sticking to our values, principles and decisions.This, the custodian of principles and values told us, were the reasons why he could not continue working with Tsvangirai and Co.

Not that I am bothered by his departure, if anything, it was good riddance. We applauded his teachings, though those in the know told us it was all political hot airs.

Going back to 2006, Prof.Ncube told us that he will quit politics in 2010 and concentrate on his legal profession without "political disruptions and interruptions". He further went on and said he will definitely not be available on the frontline come 2010.

Again in February 2008, when addressing a rally at Stanley Square, Makokoba, Bulawayo he said he will consider quitting politics if he was beaten by Ms Thokozani Khuphe of the MDC-T.We all know what happened and what did not happen.

Seeing that the good Prof. is logging airmiles more than any other minister in the Inclusive Government, I got the impression that he may have forgotten that he is quitting the "disruptions and interruptions of politics" to concentrate on his legal profession this year. As noted above, Prof.Ncube might have been so much consumed with his ministerial work that he forgot that we are now in 2010, the year he himself said he will quit politics and it is against this background that I respectfully remind Prof.Ncube of his 2006 promise. I am confident that sometime this year, he will call time on his political career and go back to his overrated legal profession.

It will be a sad day in Zimbabwe if the custodian of principles and values was to renege of his own promise. That behaviour is associated with the unsophisticated and riff ruffs who do not care about principles and values. We are looking up to the Prof to set a precedent and show that he is made from a different cloth otherwise we will be forced to come to the sad conclusion that he is just one of the boys, trying to eke out a living from politics and trying to disguise their personal enrichment crusades with high sounding words like patriotism, Pan- Africanisn, principles,values and all that hogwash. My foot!

Not that I am bothered by his continued participation in the political arena, but the issue is about him as a politician and self –appointed custodian of principles and values fulfilling his promises, nothing more. Like his handler, Robert Mugabe who 10 years ago, promised to retire in order write his memoirs.