A wife has sought protection from the courts after marathon sex sessions with her husband left her bruised and exhausted.

The unemployed hubby from Good Hope Farm in Inyathi has sex for seven and a half hours at night and has more sessions in the morning and afternoon with his wife making it roughly 10 hours of sex in a 24-hour day. 

There are only breaks when his wife is sick and whenever she complains about too much sex she is beaten up. Dubekile Moyo (37) said her husband Thabani Moyo (49) was a mean sex machine. 

 “The time table has three sessions that is mid-morning, afternoon and the evening. When we engage in sex he takes long to finish as he drinks a concoction that arouses him a lot,” she told a magistrate. There is no room for a NO answer. If I refuse he insults me and threatens to marry another woman,” she said. 

She added that she rarely sleeps as her husband demands too much sex after drinking his concoction. 

“When it’s time to sleep I become miserable because I would be sexually abused. The session takes almost 1hr 30 minutes to finish and he sleeps with me more than five times during the night. I get rest when I am sick but usually when I have not fully recovered he forces me to engage in sex with him,” she said. 

She said she had endured sex torture for the past three years.

“The sexual abuse started in 2012 and it has been ongoing since that time. I have tried to talk to him but he never listens and I once talked to my aunt to talk to him but he never changed. I have decided to end the relationship because I might die,” she said. 

Moyo said he did not deny being a sex crazed husband.

“I admit the problem inkunzi yami ayivuki kuhle (I have an erectile problem) that is why I drink umvusankunzi to save my marriage but it seems it causes problems as it  forces  me to demand too much sex. I apologise because angizenzi, ngumuthi (The concoction forces me to want more sex.)” 

The presiding magistrate Stephen Ndlovu ordered the two to go for counselling and come back on 27 November.