Robert Mugabe's Generals hiding ghost workers – Reports

Highly  placed  sources  within  the Zimbabwe Prison Service’s human  resources  department told a private radio station that  over 100 unqualified prison officers had been so far unearthed at Chikurubi, Harare Remand  and Central prisons.

"The service has  hundreds of National Youth Service graduates, whom we were forced to recruit …we tried  to  argue and we were silenced with victimisation.

These Green bombers were employed  on  partisan basis with no academic qualifications," said the source.

"Most of them were relatives of some very senior officials within the service and government, and had the National Youth Service certificates as their only qualifications and were employed on the basis of their patronage to ZANU-PF and in honour of terrorizing MDC supporters, he added."

"Their salaries and employment contracts of affected workers have since been terminated pending further investigations,” said the source.

The senior  human  resources official also  said senior officials were using  prison officers as gardeners and  security  guards  at  their farms, which  they snatched  from white  commercial farmers.

"Prison officers are  being abused by the  top officials who are taking them as  their security  guards, for  example Commissioner Paradzai Zimondi has twenty prison officers who rotate as  security  guards at  his Bindura,Ruwa based Rufaro plot and Harare’s Gunhill low density residential suburb home.

He  has  four personal  drivers who are  on ZPS  payroll. This  is disturbing and  its  our prayer that the  ongoing  audit  is  going  to clean up all  these irregularities  which have  paralyzed  the security organ,” he added.

ZPS boss is on  record  for  blaming economic sanctions imposed by the  west and  its  allies  on ZANU-PF senior  officials and  its sympathizers for  the deterioration of  prison  conditions.

Recently Zimbabwe Republic Police Commissioner General Augustine Chihuri blocked the auditors from unearthing ghost police officers. In Masvingo 5 000 ghost workers were unearthed in the province, with 1 000 of these registered as teachers at non-existent schools.

A team of independent auditors will collate and release the results for the whole country this month. The exercise, sponsored by World Bank, is aimed at registering all public servants and flushing out ghost workers who have an effect on the salary bill at a time when government is struggling financially. Radio VOP