Tsvangirai's neighbours in Buhera villages left homeless

The villagers,  including children, are living in the open in Masenga area under chief Nyashanu, about 50 kilometers east of Murambinda Growth Point.

Victims who spoke to a private radio station have accused the police and chief Nyashanu for being inconsiderate.

“We are staying in an open space but some who managed to negotiate with their relatives were given temporary shelter after more than 30 homesteads were set ablaze by the police from Murambinda a fort night ago," said a villager, Ngoni Japuchapu.

“We tried to plead with the armed police to give us some time so that we prepare to vacate the area but they could not give us time."

Chief Nyashanu denied he had anything to do with the displacement of the villagers telling Radio sation: “I do not have that power but I know their homes were burnt and most of them are leading a terrible life. All I knew is there is a land wrangle…"

“The people here are very desperate for government’s intervention," said a villager, Peter Muvhunzi. 

"Chief Nyashanu together with some unscrupulous headmen are violating people’s rights by selling land. For example, Battle Posendi Chirimudombo who is a headman openly demands money from villagers and those who fail to give him the money are being punished through taking their land.”

The police in Manicaland could not be reached for comment.