Tuku to premiere in fourth movie in 2010

The movie titled Sarawoga is based on a novel by the same name whose main theme centres on African power struggles in pre-colonial times.

The film gives a clear picture of how the undiluted African culture was and the important advisory roles played by ancestral spirits to the traditional leadership.

“I am currently working on the original sound track for the film that should be done by the end of this year and we premiere next year,” Mtukudzi announced on his website.

Tuku, as Mtukudzi is popularly known by his fans, has starred in three feature films since his 1990 movie debut appearance in Jit, a film about a young man who tries every trick in the book in his attempt to win the heart of the most beautiful girl in his town.

The Zimbabwean musician revealed plans to record an album featuring artists from Zimbabwe, Kenya, South Africa and Zambia.

Some of the duets are with Kenya’s Wainana and Owiyo, Ringo Madhlingozi of South Africa, Maureen Lilanda of Zambia, and Zimbabwe’s Willom Tight and Pastor Bonnie.

“I am re-recording some of the songs on the album with an internationally renowned acappella group and a diva from somewhere in South Africa,” Mtukudzi said.

The album will be titled Abiyangu, which means friends in the Zimbabwean vernacular Shona language. APA