The Matabele genocide?

Frederick Selous was highly protective of the Shona, and advised the Abolitionist Movement and the Anti-Slavery Movement in Britain that the Shona would be better served as farm labour under the protection of the whites, than being subject to genocide from the Matabele. This is a description written by Frederick Selous of possibly the only genocide attack by the Matabele which was foiled (with the help of the San). To quote:

“The second expedition sent by Lobengula to Lake Ngami was a most disastrous one. The Batauwani got information concerning the impending attack from some Bushmen, and had time to remove all their women and children, and to drive all their cattle to beyond the Botletli river.

They then lay in ambush among the reeds which fringed the river’s bank, an awaited their foes, and when they appeared gave them a very warm reception….Many of the Matabele were shot…many more drowned……the marauders had now to commence their retreat to their own country through four hundred miles of desert….they had only brought with them a sufficient number of cattle to serve as food during the time occupied in the journey from Matebeland…

Once there it was their practice to capture and take back to their king the flocks and herds of their enemies- a certain number of which would have been slaughtered every evening for their consumption. On this occasion they did not capture a single animal…….many hundreds of Lobengula’s fiercest warriors died from starvation, thirst and exhaustion…..only the remnant of the army got back…but few survived to tell the tale”

Their descendants are the farmworkers who started to vote MDC, and whom an infuriated Mugabe evicted from the farms with the use of his War Vets invading their farm villages.

Under the guise of evicting “white settlers” (70% of whom were Brits and South Africans who had bought land AFTER 1980 from the "Rhodesian Settlers", who like Margaret Thatcher, knew that Mugabe was a killer who had won by vote rigging and intimidation.Sensibly they took the money and ran – usually to SA) from the 4000 commercial farms, Mugabe forced 3 to 5 million adult MDC voters out of his country, so that they could never vote against him again.

Who needs to be shot is the Labour Government who, having ousted Margaret Thatcher, ignored her warnings, under threat from the Black Commonwealth States. By Lyndall Beddy