Cash-strapped Zimbabwe government to build new Parliament


    Makone is from the MDC-T camp which is part of the inclusive government of President Robert Mugabe.

    Makone said the Chinese government had agreed to help fund the project expected to cost about US$10 million according to conservative estimates.

    Zimbabwe’s old Parliament has become too small for its  MPs and Senators. The country introduced the Senate just before the March 2008 harmonised elections. More MPs are expected after the next election expected once the constitutional making process has been finalised.

    "We will be building a new Parliament for Zimbabwe in the Kopje area of Harare," Makone said.

    The Parliament project had been regularly shelved several times because government did not have any cash and architects haggled over the many plans.

    Zimbabwe’s Parliament was built in the 1960s under the colonial regime of the Federation. It has never been improved or updated.

    Makone said the new Parliament building would have state-of-the-art facilities found in other Parliaments internationally.