Released MDC transport Manager seeks medical attention

Gwezere, who was detained at Chikurubi Maximum Prison, walked out of prison on Wednesday night after the Supreme Court confirmed a bail order granted by High Court Judge Justice Charles Hungwe.

In his first interview at Avenues Clinic in Harare where he sought medication examination and treatment, Gwezere told a private radio that he felt relieved to regain his freedom and joining his family.

"I feel great having suffered under state security agents. I suffered much. Those guys (state security agents were brutal," said Gwezere who was checking in at the hospital.

Gwezere was abducted in October by state security agents and accused of stealing firearms from Pomona Army Barracks One Engineers Support Regiment Armoury.He was also accused of undergoing military training at Soroti Camp in Uganda as part of a plot to topple President Robert Mugabe’s government. But the charge was dismissed by a Harare Magistrate court for lack of evidence.