Tsvangirai says Nestlé closure an 'over-reaction'

Speaking at a joint press conference attended by President Robert Mugabe on the progress of talks about the inclusive government at the Zimbabwe House, Tsvangirai and Mutambara said the government would look into the matter.

"I am sure the minister of industry who is responsible is taliking to the directors is talking to all the concerned stakeholders and that a solution will be found.

So that it (Nestle) operates and even expand," Tsvangirai said. "Where companies shut down when we want to create jobs.I think it is a cause of concern."

"Shutting down a plant because this has happened, I think its something that needs to be looked at as an over reaction which is totally unnecessary."

Mutmbara said drastic action must be taken to ensure that foreign investors do not leave the country and to ensure that investors who wish to invest in the country are not scared by the existing environment.

"We must take drastic action to ensure that never again should we have an investor leave the country when we want to attract investment.

We will look into this matter and try to make sure that the climate in our country is conducive to the attraction of investors not their departure," Mutambara said.

Mugabe, who is an interested party in the matter involving Nestle, said he was not aware that Nestle had closed its plant in Zimbabwe but was aware of what is happening at the company.

Developments in the past week has seen Ministers Saviour Kasukuwere and Joseph Made from Mugabe’s Zanu PF party trying to force the food processing Nestle company to buy milk from Gushungo Dairy Farm believed to be owned by Mugabe’s Wife, Grace.