Dangerous Zimbabwe Prisoners On The Loose

About 100 were re-captured after the prison officers fired warning shots in the air to strike fear in them. 

Although the Masvingo provincial police spokesperson Inspector Tinaye Matake refused to comment saying he needed more time to verify the exact number and to get further details of what happened, a private radio staion RadioVOP reported that prison officers at the prison have since been called to give a full account of what transpired.

“We were all called in the morning (Tuesday) to give account of what happened. Superintendent Piripiri who is responsible for the station had to rush from his farm in Kwekwe after being informed that dangerous prisoners had escaped," an officer told said.


“We do not know what actually happened but officers were shocked by the noise last night, after managing to re-capture about 100 prisoners who were trying to run away. We discovered that some prisoners were missing.”


“Although we do not have enough evidence, we suspect that it was an inside job. Some prisoners were heard screaming while others were shouting that they also want freedom.It seems an average of four prisoners is let free if their relatives or friends successfully arrange to buy their freedom from some top officers,” said another source.


“I can’t give details now because we need to come up with what actually happened. I will only comment after I manage to get clear details from the responsible people there,” said Inspector Matake. Radio VOP