Mugabe's land invasions was attack on MDC, not on white farmers

The whole world saw this as an attack on “whites” – despite the fact that many farms were businesses owned by corporations.

This diabolically clever man therefore kept the sympathy of the Arab/African block whose knowledge of “colonialism” and history is usually gained entirely from propaganda. He even kept the sympathy of the many American Black Racists.

Mugabe’s real target was never the few thousand white “farmers” (often farm managers), but the 1.5 million black farm workers who were voting in the majority for the MDC.

These black workers and their families were displaced from their voting areas, mainly into the SADC states, especially South Africa. In all subsequent elections they could not vote against Mugabe – which was the real reason for the land invasions.

Mugabe displaced another million urban dwellers in an area supporting the MDC from their brick homes and their voting district as a “slum clearance”.

Before the Farm Invasions started there were about 12 million people in Zimbabwe, half of them adult and of voting age. By displacing voters on a massive scale Mugabe succeeded in reducing the eligible voters to only 2 million people.

Despite this major displacement of voters, massive intimidation, the refusal to allow new registration of voters since 1999, and forcing army and police to vote under supervision, Mugabe still lost the election and had to rig it.

Yet South Africa, SADC, and the AU still dither and see this as a “racist” fight against “white farmers”

What depresses me the most is that EVERY journalist and analyst has fallen for Mugabe’s propaganda. None have seen through the spin.

Where are our intellectuals?