According to EFE Securities, other gainers included Econet, ZBFH, CFI and Cairns, who put on 400 percent, 400 percent, 329 percent, and 300 percent to close at US500c, US12c, US23c and US3c respectively.

Stock market analysts said Nat Foods is expected to continue trading profitably following fundamental changes taking place at the company which has been broken down into 10 strategic business units to enable it compete with cheap imports flooding the market.

For the half year ended 30 September 2009, Nat Foods said volumes in the second half were 104 percent up on the first half while total volumes for the year were 20 percent up at 189 725 metric tonnes.

The losers list was led by Gulliver, which shed 95 percent to end at US0.5c from US10c at the outset.

Red Star that posted a half year to September 30 2009 loss before tax of US$879,039 also featured second on the loser’s list having retreated 93 percent to close at US0,35c from US5c.

Other loses were seen in National Tyre Services and General Beltings that lost 87 percent and 85 percent.

The ZSE resumed trading on February 19 2009 after almost a four-month lull.

The industrial and mining indices were reset to a new benchmark of 100 points.

Since then the market has been rising in leaps and bounds, the mining index reached its all time high of 297,63 points on 2 June 2009 representing 197,63 percent gain.

On November 27 the mining index closed at 180.52 points

Yesterday it was flat at 193.72 points

November 27, the industrial index closed at 146.35 points

The industrial index on the other hand, has been steadily rising to close the period under review at 146,35 points, which represents a 46,35 percent year to date gain.

Yesterday it closed at 147.07 points, opening the week firmer by 0.82 points (0.56 percent).

Their year-to-date high was 173.21points achieved on 22 October 2009.

EFE said the results released over the past month in the November-December reporting season failed to stimulate market appetite and hence failed to influence a bull-run.

There were a few players that proved their potential to make investors some positive returns such as OK Zimbabwe Limited, Delta Corporation and Mashonaland Holdings, but the majority of the companies that release their results still need to expose their value.

EFE Securities have recommended Mashonaland Holdings as a strong buy. Truworths, AICO, Delta, and OK Zimbabwe are also on their buying list.

African Sun and PGI Zimbabwe have been given a long- term buy.