Mutasa claims son, Mugabe's pilot was poisoned by rivals

President Robert Mugabe’s personal helicopter pilot, the late Wing Commander Edwin Tanyanyiwa who was the son of Didymus Mutasa, and his first wife, died in November 2009 aged 49 after a mysterious short illness.

Wing Commander Mutasa was the VVIP helicopter’s pilot flying (Very Very Important People) and he is credited for flying the President across the country during the country’s many disputed national elections for years.

His father now claims his son was poisoned by his political rivals uncomfortable to the closeness of his famly and that of the First family and he points to the crucial party nominations process in which he had targeted the position of party Chairman with a view to his long-time ambitions for the Vice President’s post.

He has since lost the party Chairman’s post to former Ambassador to South Africa Simon Khaya Moyo.

Mutasa claims his son was poisoned at Manyame Air Base Officers Mess by his rivals who thought Mugabe was over relying on him and Edwin was the reason the Mutasa family was too close to the First family.

He claims his son’s medical records were tempered with at Manyame Airbase’s VVIP Hospital and he has called for an enquiry.

A Senior source in the party told our reporter that the role Edwin played in flying the President across the country has raffled many people in Zanu PF power struggles for years and they have resented the favours his father got on sensitive Ministerial appointments.

In the last few years, the corky Didymus Mutasa was appointed Minister of Special Affairs in the President’s Office in charge of the Anti-Corruption and Anti-Monopolies Programme on February 9, 2004 and it was during this time when a number of high profile Zimbabwean businessmen were systematically driven into exile on trumped up corruption charges.

In mid-April 2005, following the March 2005 parliamentary elections, he was appointed State Security Minister in charge of Robert Mugabe’s notorious spy agents and later he got the Land Reform and Resettlement in the President’s Office Ministry directing land invasions.

In the current coalition government, Mr Mutasa is serving as the Minister of State for Presidential Affairs.

His wife, Jane, is a Senior Army officer with the Army Medical Corps. A trained nurse with years of experience and she is Robert Mugabe’s family nurse and a close friend of Grace Mugabe.

Edwin Mutasa, joined the Airforce of Zimbabwe in 1985 as a trainee pilot after nine years in the United Kingdom.

During this time he also obtained a Higher National Diploma in Physics. In July 1985, he started training at the School of Flying Training at Thornhill Air Base in Gweru.

After completing training in May 1986, he was posted to Number 8 Squadron for helicopter training.

He excelled and later became one of the pilots to fly and captain the Cougar helicopter, which is used for VVIP transportation. He was seconded for a Flying Instructor’s Course in 1988 and on completion was posted to Number 6 Squadron to train pilots.

His father conducted one of the most vicious campaigns in the Headlands area to secure a seat in parliament and villagers refused to turn up for the his burial.

Mutasa, buried his son at the family plot, where no one lives since he has abandoned it and now lives at his farm in Headlands.

Mutasa’s first wife, Edwin’s mother is also buried at the same plot and his second wife refused that he be buried at Headlands farm.

On June 12, 2007, Mutasa announced the government planned to deport all whites, saying, "The position is that food shortages or no food shortages, we are going ahead to remove the remaining whites. Too many blacks are still clamoring for land and we will resettle them on the remaining farms."

"We would be better off with only 6 million people, with our own people who support the liberation struggle. We don’t want all these extra people," said the Manicaland political Dinosaurs who has likened Robert Mugabe to Jesus.

In an interview recently with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Africa Correspondent Andrew Geoghegan, the corky Robert Mugabe’s closet ally, Mutasa, said, "My dear, free and fair elections have been taking place all through in Zimbabwe since 1980. We have never cheated as a party and as a government. Free and fair election will continue to take place in Zimbabwe and in this case Zanu PF will win. Zanu PF will win because it is now beyond any doubt that you Europeans, you Australians and all you white Commonwealth – the so-called international community, if you behave yourselves and do not come and interfere in the internal affairs of Zimbabwe, no doubt Zanu PF will win."