Robert Mugabe's last Congress

This may be very clear to some of us but may elude the majority of the members of that former liberation party.

There are, however, a few thinking people in Zanu PF who have finally come to the realisation that Mugabe’s use-by date has long since expired and that he needs to be replaced by someone with more between their ears than mucous (madzihwa).

Some of these thinking people are threatening to challenge Mugabe regarding the procedures followed in the nomination of candidates for the positions of second vice president and chairman of the decaying party. It remains to be seen whether such people actually exist in Zanu PF. My postulation is that this is just so much talk as a result of the frustration these individuals feel at the old man’s endless stay at the top.

There is no debating the fact that Mugabe has caused extreme suffering to be endured by the people of this country. Credit must be given to the old man for the numerous development programmes that his party initiated and implemented during the first two decades of our independence.

Sadly though, virtually all of these were torn down by none other than him and his party with their own hands during the third decade. Zimbabwe is now worse off than it was during the second decade of its independence, all because of Mugabe and Zanu PF.

Several Zanu PF supporters gained much in the farming, mining and business sectors of the economy during the good old days. Most of their businesses have now also been reduced to ashes, thanks to Mugabe and his reckless policies.

Indeed, Zimbabwe has now been reduced to a basket case as a result of Zanu PF’s mismanagement of the national economy. It is for these reasons that efforts should be made by well-meaning ZanuPF supporters to eject the old man from his cosy position.

In the past, Mugabe has always argued that he cannot afford to abandon the leadership of his collapsing party when there were so many divisions in the party, and when the party was threatened with total collapse. Well, the situation is worse now than ever before for Zanu PF.

It is estimated that today that reeling party has perhaps only ten per cent of the electorate in Zimbabwe. The emergence of the MDC has been Mugabe and Zanu PF’s biggest head-ache since that party was formed in 1963.

In other words, Morgan Tsvangirai and his MDC are more difficult for Zanu PF to handle than Ian Smith and his Rhodesia Front were. There are several reasons why none of Mugabe’s underlings will dare to challenge him at the congress this week. First, they are all petrified of the old man because they are well aware of what he is capable of doing to them should they ever put their foot in the wrong place.

They have numerous examples from their own number of those who darted to merely disagree with Mugabe and never lived to tell the story. Secondly, most of them have been brain-washed to believe that none of them can ever do the job better than the old man is doing.

They actually believe his rhetoric when he once claimed that non one could have run the Zimbabwean economy better that himself. Thirdly, most of them know that they cannot stand shoulder to shoulder against Morgan Tsvangirai in an election and hope to win even eight per cent of the vote. They are aware that even Robert Mugabe was electorally humiliated by Tsvangirai in 2008.