Zuma expresses optimism over Zimbabwe

During a joint press briefing with President Banda at State House yesterday, President Zuma said there should be no reason for people not to be confident that the situation in Zimbabwe will be addressed.

He said the Zimbabwe issue was being handled by the Southern African Development Community (SADC) under the troika and the regional bloc had decided to evaluate the unity government after six-months but MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai decided to disengage when they were about to do so.

However, President Zuma said the decision was made by SADC at a meeting in Maputo for the MDC to get back into the government.

“They have been meeting, discussing the outstanding issues. There is a facilitation… we have no reason not to be confident that we will resolve these matters. We will certainly do so. And I am sure, you would recall that Zimbabwe comes from a very difficult period, even to reach the global political agreement was a difficult one they did.

They established the unity government, and I don’t think anyone of us at this point in time should feel not confident that Zimbabwe is going to solve the problems,” President Zuma said.

“I think all of us, including Zimbabweans believe that, that situation must be resolved once and for all so that we can be able to move forward and change the situation in Zimbabwe. We are therefore very confident, and I think having interacted with our colleagues in all the parties, there is no reason not to be confident.”