MDC supporters attacked by ZANU PF mob

The rally was addressed by Senator Morgan Komichi, the deputy organizing secretary of the MDC, and Jameson Timba the MDC MP for Mt Pleasant and deputy Minister of Information and Publicity. The attack took place before the two senior officials arrived at the venue.

Timba described the incident as ‘barbaric and primitive’ saying such acts are only pursued by parties that have nothing else to offer to the people of Zimbabwe.

Several MDC supporters were injured in the skirmish and one of them, Daniel Makaranga, had to be rushed to hospital for treatment following the unprovoked attack. At least two people were arrested.

The weekly MDC newsletter, The Changing Times, said their supporters were travelling in an open truck when it was ambushed at Katiyo shopping centre.

‘The mob pelted the T-35 truck with stones, injuring the passengers who were on their way to Nhakiwa Business Centre where they were going to an MDC rally,’ the newsletter said.

It said Makaranga was rushed to Nhakiwa clinic where he was denied assistance because the nurses feared victimisation by the ZANU PF militia who work hand in hand with the police there.

The attack was reportedly engineered by a ZANU PF youth chairman for Uzumba district, identified as Mbizi. He’s reportedly in charge of five bases in Uzumba, namely at Katiyo, Mashambanhaka, Mtawatawa, Nhakiwa and Rukariro.

‘These bases are under the command of Paradzai Zimondi, the commissioner
of Prisons, Douglas Nyikayaramba an army brigadier, Kandemiri Farisi a
war veteran, Agrippa Muromba a war veteran, Joe Katiyo and Playa Katiyo,
ZANU PF district officials,’ the newsletter added.

MDC supporters who attended the rally in Uzumba went home in fear of their lives because ZANU PF youths were waiting for them at their bases.
One of the ZANU PF youths was listing names of MDC.

Meanwhile another MDC activist, Ishmael Mutambara of Mutupo Ward 9 Mutare North in Manicaland province, fled his home last week after succumbing to pressure from ZANU PF supporters.

Mutambara had been threatened with death on a number of occasions. He told The Changing Times that ZANU PF supporters led by Boldman Musademba, Gwengwe, Gumende and one Mai Ziki, came to his house twice on 17th and 24th November and threatened him for reclaiming his chickens, which were stolen during last year’s presidential run-off.

‘They came to my place twice. On all the two occasions, they warned me against reclaiming back my chickens, which they looted during last year’s presidential run-off. This is really hurtful considering that I also lost a daughter, Serina, who was beaten to death by the youth militia during last year’s state sponsored violence and the police took no action against the culprits,’ Mutambara said. He’s now based in Mutare. SW Radio Africa