Zimbabweans attacked

According to SABC, the locals are accusing the Zimbabweans of carrying out a spate of criminal attacks on locals.

The angry groups went on the rampage, injuring at least six people. There are no confirmed deaths, but witnesses believe several people have died. A group of residents held a meeting, following an alleged murder, rape and assault that was said to have been carried out by Zimbabweans.

The meeting agreed on a backlash, and late in the afternoon attacks on Zimbabweans started. Police have detained 20 people but none has been charged yet. Despite residents insisting people died during the attack, police are adamant there were only injuries.

Police spokesperson; Superintendent Moatshe Ngoepe says when they got to the area they found  six seriously injured people at various spots in the township. He says they can’t say it’s xenophobia but they are maintaining a strong presence.

Residents say they have lost trust in the police, they allege Zimbabweans have been conducting a reign of terror for over four months now. A concerned resident who usually patrols the streets says the attacks were expected. SABC