Tsvangirai repeats call for countrymen to come home


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    Tsvangirai told journalists in Cape Town that he was having to convince sceptics that had a role to play in rebuilding the country.

    "My message is that this is the time to consider taking part in the reconstruction phase of Zimbabwe by Zimbabweans who are in the diaspora," Tsvangirai said.

    He said the Zimbabwean diaspora constituted almost four million skills of various attributes needed in Zimbabwe for its reconstruction.

    "I am here to convince the sceptics who are quite wide ranging, including my own countrymen. This is not a salesman’s job. It is real serious patriotic challenge to all Zimbabweans to come and really create a Zimbabwe we demand and deserve."

    The Zimbabwean government, in turn, had to provide the necessary policy measures and confidence to Zimbabweans for them to consider participating in the country’s reconstruction.

    "It is a two way process," he said.

    Tsvangirai said he believed that the inclusive government was consolidating but that what was needed "is to build the momentum" in order to build confidence in the country, nationally and internationally, "so that the country can move forward".

    Things had changed for the better since the global political agreement (GPA) was signed last year, he said.

    "For the past ten months a lot of social economic progress has been registered in terms of socio-economic stabilisation.

    "I am sure with current negotiations taking place on implementation of the GPA we should see more freedoms being restored, through the constitutional reform process, through the legislative reform process and other reforms we have put in place," said Tsvangirai.