Tuku and son give superb show as health questions mount

The duo made the best father and son combination and set Malandela’s lawn (the site of the ‘Live on the Lawn’ concert) on ‘fire’ during their energetic performance which lasted for more than two hours.

Sam was the first to mount the stage giving a splendid performance, drawing people closer to the stage.
Before that, however, they had been seated and relaxing on the lawn in anticipation.


Sam did a couple of songs on his own and was then joined by two members of the Mtukudzi band. Sam showed that he was multi-talented as he also played the saxophone besides his guitar.
However, the real fun started when the main man, Oliver came onto the stage with the rest of the band.

Excitement was written on the faces of the music lovers when the lanky figure dressed in all white and wearing a big hat started performing.

The performance was highly charged as Oliver showed that he could dance as well as sing. Oliver left many people wondering where he got all the energy because he is quite an old man. He danced throughout his performance without showing any signs of fatigue.

Many of the fun-lovers sang along to his popular tracks and the music was punctuated by the sound of the vuvuzela blown by some fun-lovers.

Other performances during the day were Fanaza Tsabedze, Sivutsevutse and the Cyborg Boys. Children were also treated to a giant slide as well as play station games.

Many fun-lovers during the ‘Live on the Lawn’ concert at House on Fire on Saturday questioned Oliver Mtukudzi’s health.

Many thought that Mtukudzi’s health was deteriorating because he looked frail while on stage. Others  wondered where the old man got all the energy to perform as he did. Mtukudzi was a very busy man on stage; he would sing and dance with his backers without much rest.

During last year’s show at the same venue, Mtukudzi performed even though he felt sick. He would regularly be seen coughing and touching his chest, but he continued to perform right up to the end.  


Meanwhile, some people went as far as making comments on popular networking site, Facebook about the state of Mtukudzi’s health.

“Mtukudzi rocks but it’s quite clear that we will lose him soon,” reads one status update.
Even after the show, he still did not look fatigued.

“I’m feeling alright,” he said in an interview at the end of the concert. He said it was a fantastic experience once more to perform in front of a Swazi crowd. He said he loves Swaziland very much.

The veteran Zimbabwean star spoke proudly about his son Sam, who gave a scintillating show during the night.
“I urge Swazi musicians to sing in their own language because that will make them really unique and worth listening to,” he said. 

During the concert, there were a lot of Zimbabwean nationals and they stood out from the rest of the music lovers as they sang along to the music in Shona language.

Mtukudzi also shared the stage with South African based percussionist Thlale Makhene, who was the choreographer during the Tihlabani Awards.

The Bush Fire Festival of the Arts 2009 will take place earlier than in previous years. The festival usually takes place at the end of July and beginning of August.

The news that it will be earlier was announced during the Oliver Mtukudzi Live on the Lawn concert on Saturday.


The festival will take place from May 28 to 30. The organisers said the date would be set to coincide with the 2010 World Cup, which will be held in South Africa.

When Jeanine Von Wissel and the rest of the organisers made the announcement, a lot of fun-lovers shouted that they wanted Johnny Clegg to be featured in the festival.