'Mugabe a God-given gift' – Chinotimba

Mr Mugabe’s description as a God-given gift comes a week after he was endorsed for re-election as leader and first secretary of his Zanu-PF party ahead of the liberation war movement’s congress in December.

"We are happy that our able and God given leader Robert Mugabe was overwhelmingly nominated by all the provinces and we will support him for ever and ever," said Joseph Chinotimba, the leader of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) in a statement.

Chinotimba and the association’s Chairman, Jabulani Sibanda will be asked to step down this Saturday and new office bearers will be elected, hence this latest desparate statement from poor old Joseph.

Mr Mugabe last year told party supporters during presidential election campaigns that "Only God will remove [me] from power" despite widespread calls for him to step down.

In July this year, the veteran leader was endorsed by his party Zanu PF as the supreme leader in a move that dashed hope of him retiring soon.

The declaration put him at par with Iranian’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Iranians too have allegedly suffered enormous human rights violations under Khamenei’s ‘supreme’ leadership, including strict media restrictions.

Mr Chinotimba added: "As war veterans, we are on the record of saying there is no vacancy on the post of the president and first secretary of the party."

The war veterans association have headed Mr Mugabe’s Zanu-PF support base, reportedly intimidating human rights and opposition party activists to support the 85-year old leader.

The ex-combatants were also in the forefront of chasing white commercial farmers from their land in 2000 during the chaotic land invasions that had a disastrous affect on the country’s agricultural sector.