Innocent Ruwende Municipal Reporter
A ruling by Chitungwiza magistrate Ms Jessy Kufa dismissing claims of ownership of Zanoremba Housing Project by two warring parties — Chigumba Holdings and Zanoremba Housing Cooperative — has resulted in chaos in the town, with members of the cooperative demolishing houses belonging to rival groups.

Chigumba Property Holdings has now written to the police asking them to help restore sanity at Zanoremba Housing Project and avoid loss of life and property.

“We write in respect of the above dispute where two rulings have been made against the parties. It will be noted that under case 5997/15, magistrate Kufa (Ms Jessy Kufa) dismissed an application for interdict by members of Zanoremba Housing Cooperative Limited on grounds that they had not shown any right to the land.

“Under case number 6143/15, the same magistrate also dismissed Chigumba Property Holdings’ application on the same basis that there was no proof of ownership by Chigumba Property Holdings of the piece of land,” read the letter.

Chigumba properties claimed that the latest ruling has been interpreted by Zanoremba to mean victory for them although the earlier judgment states that they also have no proof of ownership.

“The result has been chaos as members of the cooperative are now demolishing houses belonging to the beneficiaries of Chigumba Property Holdings project,” reads part of the letter.

Chigumba properties appealed to the police to restore sanity saying violent scenes have become the order of the day at the project.

Ms Kufa recently dismissed an application by Chigumba Property Holdings seeking an interim interdict against Zanoremba on the basis that a similar matter was pending at the High Court.

She also dismissed an application by Zanoremba, saying the cooperative failed to establish that it is the lawful owner of the land.