Where did ISIS get all those Toyotas?

isis toyota trucksWASHINGTON. — There is no doubt that the Islamic State (IS) is an organised, wealthy operation.

In 2012, President Obama compared ISIS to Al-Qaeda’s jayvee team, muddying the true extent and ability of the group.

But since then, IS has killed vast numbers of people and maintained control of an Iraq-Syria caliphate for over a year.

However, the terrorists have claimed more than land: they’ve adopted Toyota, the Japanese car brand, as their vehicle of choice.

Widespread videos posted online through IS-linked websites and social media accounts show caravans of Toyotas, many of which have been outfitted with artillery, and many of which appear to be brand new.

Both Toyota Hilux pickups and Toyota Land Cruisers “have become fixtures in videos of the ISIS campaign in Iraq, Syria and Libya, with their truck beds loaded with heavy weapons and cabs jammed with terrorists,” says ABC News.

To add to the irony, the company manufactures a minivan model in Japan: The Toyota Isis. — Christian Science Monitor